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Trauma 101 and Energy Exchanges

Summer, summer, summerTIMMEE! That's a Will Smith song from the '90s for those of you who don't know! The school year is almost over for my kids and I am so happy as now I can take off my tutoring, homeschooling, and after-school-camp counselor hats off!! But in all seriousness, I know that the past year has been rough for everyone, not just parents and many of you experienced trauma from COVID and might still be enduring the repercussions.

As such, my friend Monika Hendrix, Certified Conscious Relationship & Trauma Recovery Coach, and I did a talk, Trauma 101: The Many Faces of Trauma, to discuss the many types of trauma, from Acute to Complex PTSD. Why we experience trauma and some baseline ways to support your mental health are discussed during this video, as well as our personal journey of recovery. Monika is based in NJ but her services can be used anywhere virtually, learn more at and I hope you enjoy our talk (below).

Lastly, I have started writing articles on mental health and relationships on LinkedIn! If you are on LinkedIn, let's connect please, here is my profile. My latest article is called "How Your Energy Exchange Will Help or Hurt Your Business" Did you have a rough year? Yes, we all did. How can we maintain success for the future? What did you learn about your business and people? This post is about how positive and negative energy exchanges can help and hurt your business, with tips on what to be mindful of when you feel negativity creeping up!


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