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Nubia DuVall Wilson is a survivor of child sexual abuse igniting social impact through storytelling. A master communicator, Nubia is a published author and journalist who contributes content about mental health as a SWAAY Voice on She is also the founder of Cielo Consulting, a boutique public relations and marketing agency, and the co-founder, partner of TV/film development company Starfury Productions.


As a storyteller, her mission is to liberate survivors of the struggles of life after enduring sexual abuse by curating content that supports their wellbeing and gives them a voice and a community to embrace the reality of living and loving after an assault. In May 2018, she published her second book, The Survivors Club, a mind-bending, supernatural novella inspired by her journey to heal. It is also the inspiration behind a TV Pilot currently being optioned. 

A nationally-recognized published writer and advocate for survivors of abuse, when Nubia is not managing the day-to-day operations of her businesses, she speaks to organizations, groups, and survivors to break through the silence around the high prevalence of child sexual abuse in the United States. With a deep understanding of this issue among women of color, Nubia’s talks highlight the long-term effects of abuse into adulthood, such as PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and how it impacts parenting, leadership and body positivity. Nubia has been featured on RAINN, Wake Up with Marci, SWAAY, Where Women Work, Medium, BuzzFeed and Thrive Global, among others. She has spoken about survivorship, mental health and communications at Together Digital Summit, Trinitas Medical Center, Bloomingdales, Medgar Edgars College CUNY and the Own Your Voice Summit. 

Through her healing process, she has learned about the importance of community and has since created a secret Facebook group for those who are survivors of abuse, who have PTSD and/or any other mental illness and who need a safe space to connect with others. 


Nubia is a graduate of Barnard College, Columbia University, with a degree in English and a minor in Religion. Today, she resides in New Jersey with her husband and two kids.


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A masterful storyteller, Nubia understands how to get her audience to relate to survivors in a way that allows them to know themselves better as bystandards of sexual assault. She understands humans, especially those working through trauma.  


Sahar Paz, Own Your Voice Summit


A society where women and men are not judged based on their mental health challenges and can openly discuss survivorship of sexual abuse or abuse of any kind.

By owning your trauma, you own your journey to heal. Leave the shame behind and embrace a life where you are present in your body, mind and spirit. 

Our Mission


Liberate survivors of sexual abuse by curating content that supports their well being and gives them a voice and a community to embrace the reality of living and loving after assault; lighting a path of strength and comradery for a group of people lost in the shadows.

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Survivors Club

Every survivor’s journey should be met with empathy and respect. I’ve curated these resources with you in mind.


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