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My mission is to liberate survivors of sexual abuse by curating content that supports their well being and gives them a voice and a community to embrace the reality of living and loving after assault; lighting a path of strength and comradery for a group of people lost in the shadows.

"Until healed, trauma lives within us.  It stops time, locking us in painful memories, bound to repeat complicated scenarios in order to understand, to “master” the traumatic moment. Much like our unconscious, within Nubia’s novella, we find the complexity of trauma, the shards of painful emotions, informing the way we understand and see the world. Beautifully written, the power of the story is found in the eloquence of the writer who allows her characters to be more than victims, to be complex, alive and ultimately to tell their stories.”


Silvia M. Dutchevici, MA, LCSW, President & Founder, Critical Therapy Center

Survivors Club Core Values


Every survivor’s journey will be met with empathy and respect.


Uphold boundaries to create a safe space to converse as survivors of sexual abuse.


To be reflections of survivors, not victims, for one  another as we learn to live and love.



Respect the process and growing pains of survivors and individuals who love them.


If you are a survivor of any type of abuse (physical, sexual, emotional, etc.) and/or you suffer from a disorder, such as PTSD, and you want to connect with fellow survivors, join The Survivors Club private Facebook group. The Group is secret, so it cannot be found by searching, you must be vetted/invited. Fill out the secure form here and explain why you want to join the group and we'll share the next steps. This is a safe community to connect with other survivors, which is great way to heal! Have questions? Email

Facebook Group

Time is running out to keep Quentin alive…

Eva wakes up and finds herself in a 1920s lounge with four strangers. One by one, each is mysteriously pulled back in time by an invisible force to keep an unknown boy named Quentin alive. Without a sense of time and no way out, the group becomes entangled in a life or death situation. Tension increases while they piece together a puzzle that reveals more than just a complicated boyhood. Ultimately, each stranger has a secret that creates more unity than they could have imagined.


20% of total sale of each book ($5.00) will be donated to the New York Center for Children and Stop Child Predators.