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Mental Health Advocate Facing the Trauma of Childhood  Sexual Abuse 

Liberating survivors of sexual abuse fuels the work that I do. Get to know more about the purpose

 behind my work here.

My talks champion survivors of sexual abuse and tap

 into the power of our collective narrative. Check out my talk topics.

Every sexual abuse survivor’s journey should be met with empathy and respect. I’ve curated resources with you in mind, more here.

Every 92 seconds an American is sexually assaulted (RAINN)

 If you’re not a survivor you have one in your life.    

My talks are designed to bridge the communication gap between survivors and the people in their lives.


Featured in the Press


“I am unapologetically open about what survivorship is impacts all parts of your life as a wife, parent and professional.”


“What Sexual Abuse 

Survivors Want You To Know.”

"The Survivors Club is a beautifully written and thought provoking novella that is both appropriate and meaningful for adults and young adults. Unlike most fictional and non-fictional accounts of sexual abuse, this story stays with you because of its message of hope and healing. Ms. DuVall Wilson's work presents the reader with the feeling that despite the horror of abuse, one can still live a happy life full of love and support. I hope The Survivors Club encourages others to speak their truths and realize how strong and brave they are, and I am sincerely grateful for Ms. DuVall Wilson's transparency on her own journey. This is a must read!"


Stephanie Leibert

Time is running 

out to keep

 Quentin alive…

Eva wakes up and finds herself in a 1920s lounge with four strangers. One by one, each is mysteriously pulled back in time by an invisible force to keep an unknown boy named Quentin alive. Without a sense of time and no way out, the group becomes entangled in a life or death situation. Tension increases while they piece together a puzzle that reveals more than just a complicated boyhood. Ultimately, each stranger has a secret that creates more unity than they could have imagined.

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