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Calling Out Perpetrators like P Diddy - An Open Letter Published

As I am sure most of you know, a scathing and very difficult-to-watch video of Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs abusing Cassie was released online a few weeks ago. Then Diddy posted a pitiful apology video on social media that lacked accountability and empathy. As a survivor of both physical and sexual abuse, I had to speak out about this as Diddy had originally denied every hurting Cassie to protect his reputation. He needs to do better, as do so many perpetrators who deny their bad behavior and then want to cry a river once they are "found out".

So I wrote an op ed for the Star Ledger on this topic, which was published in June in the Mosaic section! Please read it here. Please check it out, and perhaps some of the advice and feedback I give in the op ed related to the statistics for survivors and how perpetrators can do work on themselves to stop the cycle of trauma can contribute to your own conversations with folks. We have to continue to talk about this openly and I am grateful that the Star Ledger gave me a platform to do so!

Stay strong,



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