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Trauma Recovery 101: Conflict & Repair in Relationship

Our latest Trauma Recovery 101 episode is live! Watch my interview with Monika Hendrix above to learn about Conflict & Repair in Relationships: How to Create Healthier Dynamics--in your personal live, career and even friendships.

Has a work email ever turned into a back-and-forth nightmare?

Did you and a friend have a bad fight and you think there’s no way to resolve it?

Conflict happens often, but it doesn’t have to be debilitating or ruin relationships. Learn how in this episode of Trauma Recover 101: Conflict & Repair: How to create healthier dynamics in your relationships.

Although this topic is not meant to be triggering, we mention that our past traumas impact our communication styles, so this content could be triggering for some. ⚠️

🗣 If you experienced trauma as a child like Monika and I did, you might run away from discord or hate telling people that you are unhappy with how they treated you/spoke to you, etc.

🗣 Learn ways to create healthier dynamics to face conflict in your romantic relationships, at work and even with friends by listening to our talk.

🗣 What did this video bring up for you? Any additional tips to share?


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