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Trauma Recovery 101 Series

Friend and colleague Monika Hendrix, a Certified Conscious Relationship & Trauma Recovery Coach, and I started the Trauma Recovery 101 Series to help people thrive after experiencing trauma in their past. During the discussions that take place in this video series, she and I both share our own life experiences with trauma and we offer healing tips and guidance for others who can identify with our stories and discussions. We choose topics that are relatable, real, and raw so we can shed light on the truth and break the stigma behind trauma. 

December 2021

 Recognizing & Overcoming Sexual Insecurity

Learn how to feel safe and sexy in your body and express your sexuality in a healthy way. Monika and I discuss the meaning of sexual insecurity, explore where it comes from and offer you real-life scenarios of what it looks like to be sexually insecure. → We offer you helpful tips and practices that you can incorporate right now to help you overcome your sexual insecurity. We believe you can feel safe, empowered and confident as you learn to develop sexual security within yourself, and within your relationships.

June 2021

 Learning to Love

Monika and Nubia touch on many juicy topics related to relationship development post-trauma, including ways to restore intimacy in romantic partnerships, conscious communication skills and more! 🧠+♥️

The Many Faces of Trauma

Monika and Nubia discuss the many types of trauma, from Acute to Complex PTSD; why we experience trauma; and some baseline ways to support your mental health, as well as our personal journey of recovery.

May 2021

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