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Setting Goals & Facing Your Fears

Happy New Year, everyone! I have something to share...I accomplished something at the end of 2020 that I was not supposed to start working on until, well, 2021. It's funny how life is. There are some goals you'll set that seem more reasonably attainable in a year or more, while other goals that you want to attain immediately tend to be the ones that take the longest to cultivate. Sometimes fear can cause us to push off goals and deadlines. What am I talking about you wonder? I launched a TV/film production company with two partners! When I wrote the novella The Survivors Club, I had always imagined the concept could be turned into a binge-worthy TV series. In the back of my mind, I wanted to start a production company, as well, but didn't know how and I knew it would take baby steps. Throughout this journey since 2018, I have made amazing connections that enabled me to establish a partnership with two outstanding industry veterans, Guy Fortt and Naomi Pandolfi, and we realized as a team we could create something amazing. I invite you to learn more about Starfury Productions here

When speaking with my best friend about Starfury I told her I felt insane to do all of this among the chaos that was my life already because of the pandemic but that I was also thrilled, and she said, "Sounds like a mix of terror and excitement!" YES! So, in my latest essay, I discuss how I use terror and excitement to help me attain my goals and face my fears that ultimately drive me. If you are setting intentions for 2021 and fear or anxiety is holding you back, read my tips and feel free to reach out to me to talk shop. I love comparing notes so we can inspire one another to follow our true north!


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