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Thrivers in Action: Atousa Raissyan

I am thrilled to be featuring Atousa Raissyan as my next Thriver in Action! Ironically, for months I have been saying to myself that I wanted to connect with a spiritual healer/shaman and the universe brought Atousa to my email inbox a few weeks ago and I am so happy it did! Atousa Raissyan is a shaman, published author, transformational life coach, digital artist, poet, inspirational speaker, life changer, and host of the podcast Goodbye Bullshit, Hello Happiness. Atousa shares some of her wisdom about trauma, how it affects the body and encouragement for those on their healing journey.

Name: Atousa Raissyan

Location: Maryland

Occupation: Shaman, Healer, Life Coach, Speaker, Spiritual Teacher

1. Tell me about your business.

Wanting to help people heal was a childhood wish. I remember being very young watching the movies of different prophets, which made me want to be a healer and spiritual guide/teacher to help people. And when you ask the universe for something, it gives it to you by showing you what needs to be released. My life happened the way it did in order for me to learn all the tools and techniques, learn to let go of all my traumas, and relate and help all those that come to me. I teach what I practice myself in my daily life. Otherwise, I would not be a good teacher. And, I am willing to see my clients fully, love, and accept them fully, and I am not afraid to walk in their shadows and guide them to the light. That is why my clients have been so wonderful to call me a “Game Changer” and “Best Teacher and Mentor” because not only can I relate to their pain, but I can show them if I can do it, you can too. I guide them to release all that is holding them back, so they can fully love and accept themselves, trust themselves and the universes plan, and stand in their power. I have been blessed to be part of their life transformation, and each is a beautiful gift.

My goal is to get the message of love, transformation and magic to as many people as willing to shift and transform. Opposite of Love is not Hate--it is Fear, and that in each and every moment we have a choice, and a choice in what we want to experience, so why not choose magic, love and transformation.

So the short answer is that I help my clients release past traumas, reprogram patterns and behaviors and transform their lives to love and accept themselves, and live a more fulfilled life by starting to understand their choices, co-creation and trust their own knowing and the universe.

2. What have you learned about trauma and how it manifests in our bodies if unresolved?

Our body is the vessel that carries us in this lifetime and for us to be able to experience the physical life. As such, it tries to get our attention when we are not. Trauma manifests in physical ailments. During my journey, my body was trying to get my attention through a variety of physical ailments, some of which were: migraines, rheumatoid arthritis, TMJ, candida, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, acid reflux, stomach ulcers, PMS, chronic fatigue, PTSD (marriage/divorce), anxiety, and skin issues. Emotional, mental and physical illnesses have their roots in unresolved trauma, and our various programs to keep ourself self, and not being loving and kind to ourselves.

3. If someone is too scared to face their past trauma, what advice do you have for them?

Be kind, gentle and easy with yourself. Know you are not alone, and help is available. I walk with my clients to their shadows and hold their hands and help them see the light. Know that life can and will be better when you are ready.

4. Can you share some health and wellness tips that you incorporate into your daily life?

The best advice and tips I can give is to be aware and mindful of yourself in each moment. Be willing to see yourself fully and not look away, and once you do that, accept and forgive. Be present in the now; there are so many ways to be present in your daily tasks, like eating, drinking, cooking. Be kind and gentle with yourself. Always remember you have a choice.

5. What have you learned about yourself/community/life in general since COVID began in 2020?

I think COVID in many ways was a blessing and a wake up call for so many people and communities. To be honest, my personal life did not change much since I spend a lot of time with myself and by myself in addition to being there with my son almost all the time. It made me want to help people even more to change and live a better more fulfilled life.

6. Many of my readers are survivors of sexual abuse and are striving to power through the challenges that survivorship brings with it. Any words of encouragement for them?

I personally don't like the word survivor. And the reason for it is that words have energy and survivor carries with it the energy of trauma. And I believe part of why they feel the challenges. Rather the words that help feel and see their power is Transformation, Rise Above, Transcend, Rebirth ... these words leave behind the trauma and go beyond. So that would be my first advice don't refer to yourself as survivor use another word.

Next, when you are ready to forgive and, more importantly, forgive yourself, remember forgiveness happens in layers.

Know that you are not alone, that help is there and so many people are willing to help you walk through it. Also be kind and gentle with yourself. Understand the power and energy of words and use words that best match what you are trying to manifest or release as the case may be. Society keeps telling us to power through things out of fear of not having the courage otherwise; healing especially from major trauma is a process and requires healing on emotional, mental, energetical and physical levels so be patient and accepting of yourself. You don’t need to explain yourself to anyone; choose what feels best to you in your heart, in each and every moment. Did I mention you are not alone :)

About Atousa Raissyan

“Game changer,” “intuitive gifted healer,” “guiding light,” “life changing,” “magic,” and “a blessing” are often how Atousa Raissyan’s clients describe their experience with her. She is a Certified heart-centered Transformational Healer, Shaman, Spiritual Teacher, Digital Artist, Best Selling Author, Poet and Motivational Speaker. Atousa has extensive experience in and passion for helping individuals discover and tap into their “true self,” to unlock their potential to experience their desired life, in terms of abundance, relationship and personal well-being. She guides you to love and accept yourself fully, and see your choices and their matched experiences. She has been featured in Potomac Lifestyle Magazine, Entrepreneurs Herald, and USA Today. She is most proud of the positive impact she has made in her client's lives which is reflected in her client testimonials.


Instagram: @atousar and @soulystic

Facebook: @soulystic

Youtube: Atousa Raissyan


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