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Thrivers in Action: Jessica Maarek

This week's Thriver is Jessica Maarek, who founded Red Root Marketing in 2013 to support local businesses with content marketing. Jessica and I met when I first started my business in 2015 and it was wonderful to be able to connect with a female entrepreneur who I could learn from and relate to! As COVID has impacted so many entrepreneurs like Jessica and me, as well as independently-owned businesses in our downtowns, we are all trying to support one another emotionally, as well as through our social channels. Learn how Jessica is doing that through Red Root Marketing in this interview.

Name: Jessica Maarek

Title/Company: Founder and Owner of Red Root Marketing

Reside: Cedar Grove, New Jersey

Business located in: Verona, NJ

1. Tell me about your business and why you started it/what your mission is.

I started Red Root Marketing almost 8 years ago and have been doing social media and content marketing for small businesses and nonprofits for 11 years. I started my business because I saw there was a need in the community for small businesses to connect and uplift each other and in the process get to know their local communities and get support from them. 

Red Root Marketing seeks to lift up our community by helping local businesses connect to their customers in a deep and meaningful way. Our mission is to inspire and empower our clients to engage with their audience through innovative social media marketing that meets the needs of local entrepreneurs and nonprofits.

2. Tell me about your personal experience with mental health. Can be lately during the COVID pandemic or overall throughout your life. 

My team of social media experts and I serve as support to our clients and this support can be extremely therapeutic. Many of our clients work either alone or in very small teams and wear many different hats. This can be stressful and lonely and our job is to support them in any way we can. Many times, this means serving as springboards for their ideas and strategies; it also means being a kind and understanding friend and listener when things get tough. We are honored to be here for our clients when they need it the most as a beacon of support and have made it as easy as possible for them to convey changes to their service or products; newest information to their clients, readers and other small business owners and nonprofits; and communicate that to their audience as fluidly, nimbly and as quickly as possible. This gives them great peace of mind knowing that Red Root is there for them as a partner and an advocate. We are using this strange time to reach out to our clients and our networking contacts to make sure they are well, staying healthy and are cared for. We will all get through this by supporting each other, sticking together and staying strong for each other.

3. Any projects or initiatives you are launching (or your clients are launching) to support others?

We are currently offering free 15-minute mini consulting sessions to any small business owner or nonprofit team as well as discounted Zoom consulting sessions. Another great tool that we suggest to everyone who wants to learn from home and who now has the time, is our online class “Social Media Marketing Made Simple” available for a discounted price on our Teachable platform. It is broken down into short, easy to understand videos and downloadable templates. Participants will learn how to use social media to build connections, brand awareness and create an effective system for amplifying your business or organization's message across town.

4. What have you learned about yourself/community/life in general since the lockdown and COVID pandemic?

I have learned that the people in our communities have so much humanity and feel deeply connected to each other. Social media can be challenging in the best of times, but I have found that it can be healing during difficult times, a lifeline for many and a way of staying connected and sane. 

Learn more about Jessica and Red Root Marketing at and follow them on Instagram  @redrootmarketing Facebook @redrootmarketing and Twitter @redrootmktg and her personal LinkedIn profile @jessicamaarek  


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