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Taking it to Congress: RAINN Day of Action Advocacy

On Wednesday, May 10, I joined forces with RAINN for their Congressional Day of Action on Capitol Hill to meet with our Congress representatives and discuss bills that will protect children, put an end to child sexual abuse materials (CSAM) and support survivors of sexual violence. It was all so surreal, walking the hallways of our government buildings and meeting our political leaders who were actually looking to us for feedback and insight into why these Acts matter. Even better, I got to meet my new friends and fellow RAINN speakers Jane Epstein and Keith Tyler! My group meet with reps from Texas, Florida, Alabama and New Jersey (woot woot!) and it felt so good to share our personal stories of overcoming sexual abuse against all odds and reasons for advocating for the following bills:

The Child Rescue Act

Project Safe Childhood Modernization Act


Debbie Smith Reauthorization Act

A big thank you to our representatives for hearing our stories and confirming support. Also, RAINN did an AMAZING job preparing us for this really intense experience and organizing the day so efficiently.

So what's next? This will not be a one and done for me. I am looking forward to more lobbying to make an impact from a legislative standpoint! Let's do this!


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