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I'm Featured in The Face of America!

Despite all of the negativity, difficulties and sad moments during the COVID-19 pandemic, May is turning out to be a great month from a "being heard" standpoint! As so many of us grapple with our mental health while managing the challenges of the pandemic lockdown and isolation, I have been trying to share tips from others and myself on the matter. Last week I was featured on the podcast Dreams & Detours in an episode called episode "Breaking the Silence" in which I was interviewed by life coach Susan Montanaro about PTSD and survivorship, with a focus on how to thrive. Please head over and listen!

Also, I was featured on The Face of America series, which is on YouTube and BRIC, Brooklyn's Free Speech TV network, produced by media guru Pierre Gervois. Please watch the episode below to hear me discuss how my PTSD has influenced my writing as a storyteller, a mother and enhanced my leadership abilities at my agency.

A big thank you to Susan and Pierre for supporting me in my mission to liberate survivors of abuse through creating content for them and for helping me scale my voice!



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